Mar 30

The Challenges Facing Humanity

Liberty Brothers:

As we have outlined numerous times on-air and in print, we are truly being attacked from seemingly every direction by those who would seek to rule over us. It doesn’t matter which institution that you reference, the global planners seem to have sunk their claws into its very fiber, and operate it like some kind of evil puppeteer.

Unless you are a newbie in the arena of Alternative Media, you have likely heard of Zen Gardner. Zen is a prolific writer whose insights and energy are second to none when it comes to analyzing the challenges facing humanity; and we were delighted, as always, to have Zen accept our invitation to be a guest on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.

Like ourselves, Zen has a burning desire to awaken the population and enlighten them on the challenges facing humanity, so we got right down to business. We opened with the topic of Geo-engineering, something that we have covered numerous times on our broadcast. You can listen to those interviews here, here, or here.


Mar 30

Jim Stone: 9525 Was Remote Controlled to Crash

frenchowlby Kerry Cassidy

Apparently the pilot being ‘locked out’ of the cockpit is not true…  And of course the latest nonesense about the co-pilot being a Muslim convert is typical NWO spin.

Go here for the facts about the crash:

See the links below to my prior articles about the Crash…

…”Beyond all doubt, the fighter aircraft were responsible for this crash and whoever ordered this crash wanted the bodies erased. This is why the fighter jets did not shoot the plane down even though they were clearly responsible for it’s demise. If they had shot the plane, it would have fallen in large pieces and would have had the bodies be intact. By using remote to crash the plane after a full throttle dive, they ensured a perfect crash scene with obliteration of evidence.”–Jim Stone

Both my prior articles are worth reading for important clues also pertaining to the crash.  So far, no one else seems to have picked up on the employee linked with Booz Allen Hamilton…



Mar 30

‘Big pharma profiteering must be stopped’ – Doctors Without Borders chief

Mar 30

Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by Zionists

Revelation due to the astute work of numerous posters for this hoax, which does not hold up as a real plane crash under close scrutiny. Full credit to them realizing this as a hoax immediately.

Regarding the purported Germanwings crash of an Airbus 340 no sense can be made of it. Who would purposely drive an airplane into a mountain, even if this could be done? It is relatively easy to prove the hoax. This is through the debris pattern. It does not have the pattern of a real spontaneous, catastrophic crash. Rather, it has the pattern of staging, as if it was merely dropped there or placed there by a litany of staging agents.

There can be no other possibility, no wiggle-room. It is a hoax, clearly and categorically, proven by the patterns of the man-made or plane wreckage (garbage) seen strewn in the mountainous area. The wreckage is seen not spread in the expected pattern, that is throughout the mountain slopes and is, instead, concentrated in the crevices or valleys. These are areas which could be easily trekked by staging moles.

Image1The crevice staging pattern can be see readily, here. See how the perpetrators placed the wreckage along those low spots, that is spots they could readily access and, therefore, manually deposit the phony wreckage. They went all around that small mountain hill, front-screen, with little to no wreckage anywhere on its tops and slopes, proving that it is merely a lie.



Mar 29

Geoengineered Disasters in Latin America

chemtrails-oceanby Zen Gardner

There’s nothing natural about the recent climate disasters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. 7 years’ worth of rain just fell in Chile in 12 hours, while several feet of hail was dumped on areas of northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, both on or very near the equator.

Tell me that’s by natural causes.

We know the hydrological cycle has been completely disrupted via massive aerosol spraying and its manipulation by a worldwide array of HAARP type technologies. As Dane Wigington pointed out:

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repurcussions are becoming catastrophic…

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall causing droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge.  (more>)



Mar 29

Crash of Flt 9525: Manchurian Candidate

flit9525revised_copyREGARDING FLIGHT 9525:  There are many unanswered questions and investigations ongoing. The following is what immediately comes to mind when delving into this.

Also see below for Mike Sparks, Jame Bond is Real, author, investigator’s take on the crash.

It goes without saying that the co-pilots actions are those of a controlled Manchurian Candidate but there is more going on here when you look closer at the passenger list.

The employee, Yvonne Selke requires special emphasis:

…”The Associated Press reports that Selke was a “longtime and highly regards employee” of Booz Allen Hamilton, the strategy and technology consulting firm. The AP says that she worked on the company’s contract with the National Geospaital-Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon. According to a March 2013 press release from Booz Hamilton, the firm had a $315 million contract with the Department of Defense. In a brief statement upon learning of her passing, Booz Hamilton said she worked with the company for 23 years. “

We know the Illuminati will take down a plane to get rid of one person… this has been confirmed by more than one source.  In fact, recently Mark Richards stated to me that he would never fly commercial if he was released from prison, because they have no compunction about taking a plane full of people down to eliminate one person.



Mar 29

This Week in Sex Abuse of Children by Pedophile Catholic Priests [March 28, 2015]


Late priest admits to abusing boy

Toledo Blade-19 hours ago

Catholic church leaders are looking for other sex abuse survivors of a deceased priest who once served at St. Francis de Sales High School, and who, they …

Catholic priest Anthony McSweeney jailed for sex abuse

BBC News-Mar 27, 2015
A “voyeuristic” Catholic priest who sexually assaulted a teenage boy at a children’s home in west London has been jailed for three years. Anthony McSweeney …

Hilton Head Island Packet

Norwich Diocese Settles Priest Sex Abuse Suit For $1.1 Million

Hartford Courant-Mar 23, 2015

On the eve of a civil trial, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich has agreed to pay a woman $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged she was sexually …



Mar 29

Scientists in Canada Being Censored from Covering Dangers of Aluminum in Vaccines

vaccine-injuires-and-deaths-censoredHealth Impact News Editor Comments

It is very obvious to anyone paying attention these days that news regarding vaccine safety is routinely censored in the mainstream media. We know that the U.S. Government puts pressure on the U.S. media to not publish anything negative regarding vaccine safety, as Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services under President Obama, openly admitted this in an interview with Reader’s Digest:

RD:What can be done about public mistrust of vaccines?

KS:There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines. (Source.)

The U.S. Government has a serious conflict of interest when it comes to discussing vaccine safety, as they are the largest purchaser of vaccines in the U.S. The CDC alone purchases over $4 billion in vaccines every year.

Outside the U.S. the largest purchaser of vaccines is the United Nations, primarily through UNICEF, and the World Health Organization (WHO), funded primarily by pharmaceutical companies, is the Government body approving the vaccines to be purchased and distributed. Negative news regarding vaccine safety is, therefore, vigorously opposed.

Christina England writes about vaccine censorship in Canada and the involvement of the World Health Organization. This is an especially crucial topic, as recent studies show just how toxic and dangerous aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are, and the public has a right to have access to this information from scientists in Canada.

Canadian Media and the WHO Attempt to Discredit Scientists from University of British Columbia

by Christina England | Health Impact News

When a professional gets a little too close to the truth for comfort, the most efficient and effective way for government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry to prevent them from exposing the truth is to destroy their credibility.

This is exactly what happened when Professor Shaw and Dr. Tomljenovic published a series of leading papers exposing the possible links between aluminum adjuvants and autism.

The question is, what exactly is being covered up and why?



Mar 29

This Is For Everyone That Still Eats at McDonald’s (Even if they won’t admit it!)

McdonaldsHeaderBy Food Babe

Someone recently asked me what I think the worst ingredients are at McDonald’s and my first thought was… “Um, where do I start?!” The 37-page ingredient list for McDonald’s reads like an encyclopedia of nutrition-less, additive-filled, processed food. It should be pretty obvious that I don’t eat at McDonald’s (and many of you may not either) but I still have family members and friends that eat there on a regular basis (and I can guess you probably do too!).

According to a recent Morgan Stanley report, young adults eat at McDonald’s more than any other restaurant. What I found funny about their report is that while they eat there, they won’t admit it to their friends because they consider the food there so low quality.

Although most of us realize their food isn’t healthy and McDonald’s reports that their sales are struggling – they continue to feed thousands of Americans, day in and day out and that’s why it’s so important for you to share this information with all your friends and family members.



Mar 29

Firefighter Brilliantly Shuts Down Cop Who Attempts To Violate His Rights

Philadelphia, PA– Tony Soto, Pennsylvania fire fighter was pulled over for his tinted windows, and stood his ground brilliantly in a series of videos uploaded on March 25 which quickly went viral.

“Look, I pay my taxes. You work for me.”

In the first video which was captured via personal dash cam, the officer claims that he pulled Soto over for a couple of reasons.  The first reason being his tinted windows- which Soto quickly invalidates by showing him his tint permit.  The officer next claims that the man’s headlight is out, which Soto asserts it was not and he’s right.

Upon receiving the information proving Soto broke no laws, the officer attempts to illegally open the marshall’s door.

Soto requests a supervisor as the officer is attempting to violate his constitutional rights, and pulls out his identification as well as his fire fighter badge. He then hands the information over along with his tint permit.

We’re going to stop all this nonsense with you guys down here- just stopping people and doing whatever you want so that’s done, those days are over,” Soto calmly tells the officer.

I’m glad you think you’re changing the world,” the officer replies.

No sir actually, let me explain something to you, I’m not changing the world okay, I’m professional, and we’re going to change it one person at a time,” Soto continues on to say.

After once again reading the tint permit, the officer returns to ask Soto if he has any firearms in the vehicle.  Soto informs the officer that he does not, and explains to the camera that he does not have one and that he obviously does not consent to a search.



Mar 29

Germanwings Pilot, Andreas Lubitz exposed as a Jewish Mossad Kamikaze agent

germanwings-AndreaSince the crash occurred, a lot of people have come out and claimed that Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim or a Muslim-convert. This is completely false, Mr. “Lubitz” was in fact a German Jew.

This article will not delve into what happened to the downed Germanwings aircraft, here we will merely expose Andreas Lubitz as being the Jewish subversive he was.

Firstly, one has to understand that the surname “Lubitz” is a traditional Jewish surname used by many Jews of Slavic descent. The Lubitz family line can trace it’s history back to the days of the ancient Kingdom of Israel dating from 930 BCE–720 BCE and we find this family had mythological connections to King Solomon as noted in the Talmud.

We have therefore established that without any shadow of a doubt, the surname “Lubitz” is indeed Jewish.


Hacked: Did You Really Think Cockpit Door Was Locked?

In the interest of humiliating the lying press

Image1By Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, Editors

In all likelihood, the cabin crew of the ill fated GermanWings flight could simply have entered the cockpit at any time.  If the plane were programmed specially to disallow this normal capability of the Airbus320 series, the airline has failed to inform the public of this.

This information is “confidential” as it would be a theoretical aid to hijackers.  Problem is, there are no hijackers, only security agencies that seem to enjoy stealing planes, shooting them down or taking control of their guidance systems.  The hijack scenario makes for good TV and convenient cover stories where “dead men tell no tales” and crash scenes are always quickly secured and “seeded” as needed.

Our suicide story is just a new twist on an old tale.

In order to add to the explosion of information about the recent air event over France, we have done some simple research on the operation of the cockpit door of an A320.  We have published, below, the operations manual.  We also have the following language, taken from the flight crew manual used by Royal Jordanian Airlines, an organization kind enough to have passed this on:

Ident.: DSC-25-11-10-00001006.0001001 / 09 OCT 12
Applicable to: MSN 2649-3685, 4670-5367

A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.

When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).



Mar 29

Rolling Stone : Rothschild Corruption Goes Mainstream

Jacob Rothschild

Jacob Rothschild

Rolling Stones ~”Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds, the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology”.

You were right.

The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world’s largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.

Barry Soetoro

Barry Soetoro



Mar 28

Hope Shining Through Cloud

sunAuthor: Soren Dreier

Words go astray on a newly born spring day. Suddenly the winds calmed and the warmth once again embraced the souls with its gentle touch.

I realize that the recent writings have addressed some pretty low-key issues.

The collective consciousness has been very, very dense and with Easter coming up it’s expected to get even more dense. Lots of people’s grief on behalf of their religion or spirituality.

Some say that the collective consciousness is a grid that we plug into.

I don’t see it as that. I see it as a mist and to be more precise, several mists, each mirroring the density of the chakras. Obviously with the root chakra as the ‘heavy’ one and as we go upwards the mists become more light and spherical. That is how we plug into the Matrix.

So let’s just establish that for many spiritually engaged people the last 3 – 4 weeks have been pretty hard and weary.

I went into the Morph yesterday, it’s been a while since I have done that consciously. Some times we go in our sleep and maybe someone would write you: “I met you in the Morph” and you’re not necessarily consciously aware. Don’t worry about that if you’re trying to get into it — it’s a minor technicality.



Mar 28

‘High-level corruption’: Investigations into police ‘cover-up’ of child abuse expanded

(Reuters / Stefan Wermuth)

(Reuters / Stefan Wermuth)

A British watchdog is expanding its investigation into allegations that senior Metropolitan Police figures ordered officers to drop inquiries into child sex abuse claims involving politicians, judges and celebrities.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is already handling 14 referrals related to alleged cover-ups.

The latest expansion of the investigation will add three new claims to the inquiry, which was announced earlier this month.

Allegations being investigated by the IPCC span from the 1970s to the 2000s and include cases where inquiries into MPs, actors and the clergy were dropped due to pressure from senior officers.

One claim asserts detectives in central London gathered evidence against a high-profile pedophile ring and that a file was submitted to begin proceedings against those identified.

Two months later an officer was called in by a senior [Met] officer and told to drop the case,” the IPCC said in a statement.



Mar 28

Farmer And His Son Build Transformers From Scrap Metal In China And Make $160K A Year

recycled-scrap-metal-sculpture-transformers-father-son-farmer-china-1It’s no secret that the trash problem in China is REALLY bad, but as the saying goes… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This father and son duo have found the perfect way to utilize trash, they create recycled Transformers from scrap metal.

Yu Zhilin, who has a background in fine arts, realized he could create his own robot statues using recycled scrap metal car parts during his free time from farming (his full-time job). It took some time, but within 3-years he and his son, Lu Yingyun, completed their first sculpture within the walls of an abandoned factory. Since then, their Transformers from scrap metal have only grown bigger and better.

The detailed Transformer robot sculptures have turned into a growing success, in fact the Hunan farmer and his son sell enough to total over 1 million yuan ($160,000) in profits a year.

recycled-scrap-metal-sculpture-transformers-father-son-farmer-china-3Chinese farmers truly have limitless ingenuity, this farmer and son prove you can create a thriving business from anything… even trash!

Their latest recreations of the famous Bumblebee and Optimus Prime have now gone viral, simply because they are so incredible to look at. Plus, these statues are even cooler since they are made from scrap metal that would otherwise pollute landfills.



Mar 28

Arrogant, smug and sneering: Janet Street Porter, who spent years as a senior BBC boss, excoriates the incestuous luvvie clique who run it

bbc-childrens-logo1Proof that the people who run the BBC live in a precious world of their own was supplied this week when Alan Yentob — whose title at the corporation is ‘creative director’ — told Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis that ‘there are quite a lot of programmes which reach out to audiences which are C2s, DEs, which aren’t the metropolitan elite’.

In other words, he seemed to be saying that Jeremy Clarkson may have been sacked by the BBC ‘but common people will still find something to watch’.

How simply outrageous! And how very, very kind of the BBC to make a few programmes ‘reaching out’ to the non-metropolitan elite (as if they live on Mars) — those downmarket low-earners who live in places outside London and the South-East.

Anyone listening might have thought Yentob was talking about a vanishing tribe or a special needs group, instead of those millions of ordinary people who (unlike him and his pals, with their trendy artworks and minimalist designer sofas) live in normal homes and want to watch decent TV programmes.

People who live in small houses and flats, who don’t drink Terroir Series Malbec wine from Argentina and eat tapas.



Mar 27

Flight 4U 9525 Is In No Way a Credible Accident or Suicide

Rescue helicopters from the French Securite Civile and the Air Force are seen in front of the French Alps during a rescue operation near the crash site of an Airbus A320By Gordon Duff with Col Jim Hanke, Lt. Col Steve Avery and FBI SSA Fred Coward

Last night, after consulting with team members, I broke the story of Flight 9525 on the Rense Radio Network.  Not only was this no accident, it wasn’t a suicide either.  This is a “fly by wire” jet.  International convention required this plane to have certain anti-hijacking safeguards.  One of them, complicated by German pig-headedness, left a co-pilot alone in a cockpit, something illegal in the US.

As humorist Rob Hanson points, out, what kind of plan figures a pilot can’t make two hours without a bathroom break?  It all falls apart here, I hope you see it.  Thank you Robert Hanson, the blind will lead us out of the wilderness.

There is nothing about yesterday’s crash of Germanwings 9525, a two hour shuttle flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf that can believed.  Were this one crash, we might begin to accept what we expect, lies and deceit, but it isn’t one crash.  This is the third?  Are there more?  Planes disappear, they are shot down by non-existent missiles seen by satellites suddenly disabled and radar that has conveniently failed, up to 15 independent systems.



Mar 27

Scotland Yard investigated over three more VIP child abuse cover-ups taking total to 17

image source:

image source:

Scotland Yard is being investigated over claims it was involved in three more VIP child abuse cover-ups, taking the total to 17.

In one case police are accused of protecting TV stars in a paedophile ring.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been told that evidence was suppressed on the orders of a senior officer.

A spokesman said: “A file was submitted to start proceedings.


Rotherham scandal: IPCC to investigate 44 police officers over handling of child sex claims

south-yorkshire‘The investigation into how police handled child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham has been expanded, it emerged last night, after the police watchdog said it had received complaints involving more than 100 allegations against 42 named officers.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced that since their inquiry began four months ago, it has received 30 complaints relating to South Yorkshire Police’s handling of reports about CSE.

The IPCC initially began investigating the 10 police officers involved in the incidents highlighted by the Jay Report, which described how at least 1,400 children were raped, trafficked and groomed in the South Yorkshire town between 1997 and 2013.



Mar 27

Alarming Facts Most People Don’t Know About Fluoride

fluoridecancerlinkOf course, the people that say that putting fluoride in your water say it has absolutely no adverse effects on you. What does Science have to say?

Sure, there has been tons of research done into the health effects of fluoridated water and it’s links to cancer, birth defects, gastrointestinal issues, and the urinary system. On the other hand, almost no research has been done into the neurological effects that fluoride has on the human body. New studies are showing that among other things, fluoride can lower your IQ.

How bad is fluoride exactly? Originally fluoride, which is a byproduct of the fertilizer and aluminum industries, was added to water to fight tooth decay in children. The studies that were done to establish the link between tooth decay and fluoride were originally conducted in the 1940’s. Americans top the lists of fluoride consumers in the world at an amazing 60 percent, which is amazing considering that 97 percent of western Europe has rejected the use of fluoride because of it’s health risks.

Fluoride is a known suppressor of the thyroid gland and has been directly attributed to hypothyroidism, which causes lowered immunity, lowered levels of energy, reduced sex drive, and unexplained increase in weight. Cancer rates are also higher in areas with fluoridated water. I mean, a 2008 Scientific American report came right out and said: “Scientific attitudes toward fluoridation may be starting to shift”, because new research revealed the obvious links between fluoride and disorders affecting, bones, teeth, the thyroid gland, and brain. The study also “Concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid — the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism.”



Mar 27

The Fall Inside

fallAuthor: Soren Dreier & Ida Lawrence

People say there’s a thin line between love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong. There may be a thin line… we could call it the everyday decision point. If we look at it that way, the line helps us lay out the coordinates of an inner guidance system for self empowerment.

Let’s begin with a story recalled from memory. It’s the story of the afterlife of a pious Tibetan monk. When the monk made his transition, his brothers carefully followed the spiritual tradition and chanted for 21 days, using crystal balls, and communicating with their brother in order to help his soul stay near the monastery and on the spiritual path.

At one point during this process, the monks became unsettled… they saw that their brother couldn’t proceed. He was caught under a rock and was asking for help. They asked him why he was under the rock, and he answered that he didn’t know. They encouraged him to figure it out, otherwise, that would be his purgatory.

He did look into the reason he was under the rock, and came back with a particular memory. He remembered being in the kitchen one morning and seeing a cockroach. He put his foot on it. In his spiritual practice, taking any life is forbidden. The monk had disobeyed on that morning, and he never came to terms with it. There it remained. In order to continue on his journey, the monk had to face and work through the unresolved wrong.



Mar 27

They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal

by Michael Snyder

Cash-Public-DomainThe move to a cashless society won’t happen overnight.  Instead, it is being implemented very slowly and systematically in a series of incremental steps.

All over the planet, governments are starting to place restrictions on the use of cash for security reasons.  As citizens, we are being told that this is being done to thwart criminals, terrorists, drug runners, money launderers and tax evaders.  Other forms of payment are much easier for governments to track, and so they very much prefer them.  But we are rapidly getting to the point where the use of cash is considered to be a “suspicious activity” all by itself.  These days, if you pay a hotel bill with cash or if you pay for several hundred dollars worth of goods at a store with cash you are probably going to get looked at funny.  You see, the truth is that we have already been trained to regard the use of large amounts of cash to be unusual.  The next step will be to formally ban large cash transactions like France and other countries in Europe are already doing.

Starting in September, cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros will be banned in France.  The following comes from a recent Zero Hedge article which detailed what these new restrictions will do…

Prohibiting  French residents from making cash payments of more than 1,000 euros, down from the current limit of  3,000 euros.

Given the parlous state of the stagnating French economy the limit for foreign tourists on currency payments will remain higher, at 10,000 euros down from the current limit of 15,000 euros.

The threshold below which a French resident is  free to convert euros into other currencies without having to show an identity card will be slashed from the current level of 8,000 euros to 1,000 euros.

In addition any cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 10,000 euros during a single month will be reported to the French anti-fraud and money laundering agency Tracfin.

French authorities will also have to be notified of any freight transfers within the EU exceeding 10,000 euros, including checks, pre-paid cards, or gold.

Of course Spain has already banned cash transactions of more than 2,500 euros and Italy has already banned cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros.



Mar 27

Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass

by SM Gibson

image2French television station Canal+ recently sat down with Dr. Patrick Moore for an upcoming documentary. Dr. Moore, who claims to be an ecological expert and is currently the frontman for Ecosense Environmental, stated to the interviewer that Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup was not responsible for skyrocketing cancer rates in Argentina.

This claim comes on the heels of last week’s World Health Organization report citing the weed killer as a probable cause of cancer.

Soon after the interview began, it took a turn for the surreal.

Dr. Moore insisted that Roundup is safe to drink, at which point the interviewer did the only logical thing one could do in that situation. He offered the doctor a glass of the weed killer to allow him an opportunity to back up his statement. The following is the text from that exchange.

Dr. Patrick Moore: “You can drink a whole quart of (Roundup) and it won’t hurt you.”

Canal+: “You want to drink some? We have some here.”

Moore: “I’d be happy to, actually…. Uhh…Not.. Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.”

Canal+: “If you say so, I have some glyphosate, have some.”

Moore: “No. I’m not stupid.”

Canal+: “So, it’s dangerous, right?


Mar 27

The Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth

trashed-earthby Zen Gardner

Ultimately those who awaken invariably come up against a very big question; why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet bring the house down around their own ears? Don’t they get irradiated, chemtrailed and ultimately modified like the rest of us? Aren’t their children in peril just like ours?

Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

What these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing. For humanity and all of nature. Why would anyone/anything do such a thing? To answer that, people first need to realize that that’s what they’re doing.

Deliberately trashing our planet.

imageThe Utter Insanity

It’s beyond our fully grasping how these entities think and operate because of the difference in vibrational understanding. They’re insane psychopaths in our minds, we’re dumb sheep in theirs. Someone said the reptilians told them to trash the environment but don’t worry, their greys will restore everything. Neat little package but it always makes me wonder since they’re doing exactly that, wantonly trashing the place.

The oceans are being deliberately killed off. The Macondo oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico never ended. It’s still gushing oil and other toxic elements which work their way around the gulf and then take the Atlantic current up the US coast and over to Europe, screwing that whole system up. What did they expect would happen when you drill miles down into a known volcanic undersea region? And oil leaks and spills continue worldwide with hardly a mention anymore.


Mar 26

Artist taxi driver with Russell Brand

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