May 24

Special Update Earthquake Watch

Just in one of those Presto!  Alerts:

“An eruption in the long filament channel in the northern hemisphere (the center of the channel is located around N20W10) was detected by SOHO/EIT starting from 17:00 UT on May 23. It was accompanied by extended coronal dimmings and a post-eruptive arcade. An associated long-duration B1.4 flare peaked at 18:43 UT. At the moment of writing the LASCO data is not available, so it is impossible to determine if the eruption was accompanied by a halo CME. However, the associated CME was detected by SECCHI/COR2 onboard both STEREO spacecraft starting from 17:54 UT. The estimated CME plane-of-the-sky speed is around 350 km/s.</br>Due to the position of the CME source region across the central meridian (as seen from the Earth) and angular extent of the CME crossing the ecliptic plane, we expect the corresponding ICME to arrive to the Earth late on May 26 – early on May 27.


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