Jul 21

Sarkozy Accused of Working for Israeli Intelligence

by Gamal Nkrumah

Sarkozy’s bad week

As if his marital challenges were not enough cause for concern, “Sarco the Sayan” has suddenly emerged as the most infamous accolade of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The influential French daily Le Figaro last week revealed that the French leader once worked for — and perhaps still does, it hinted — Israeli intelligence as a sayan (Hebrew for helper), one of the thousands of Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel who cooperate with the katsas (Mossad case-officers).

A letter dispatched to French police officials late last winter — long before the presidential election but somehow kept secret — revealed that Sarkozy was recruited as an Israeli spy. The French police is currently investigating documents concerning Sarkozy’s alleged espionage activities on behalf of Mossad, which Le Figaro claims dated as far back as 1983. According to the author of the message, in 1978, Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin ordered the infiltration of the French ruling Gaullist Party, Union pour un Mouvement Populaire. Originally targeted were Patrick Balkany, Patrick Devedjian and Pierre Lellouche. In 1983, they recruited the “young and promising” Sarkozy, the “fourth man”.

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky describes how sayanim function in By Way Of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer. They are usually reached through relatives in Israel. An Israeli with a relative in France, for instance, might be asked to draft a letter saying the person bearing the letter represents an organisation whose main goal is to help save Jewish people in the Diaspora. Could the French relative help in any way? They perform many different roles. A car sayan, for example, running a rental car agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without having to complete the usual documentation. An apartment sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions, a bank sayan could fund someone in the middle of the night if needs be, a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police.

And, a political sayan ? It’s rather obvious what this could mean. The sayanim are a pool of people at the ready who will keep quiet about their actions out of loyalty to “the cause”, a non-risk recruitment system that draws from the millions of Jewish people outside Israel.

Such talk sends chills down spines, especially Arab and Muslim ones. Indeed, the revelation did not go unnoticed in Arab capitals or come as much of a surprise. Paris can be a sunny place for shady people. When it comes to intelligence gathering on behalf of Israel, a question mark is immediately raised on the moral calibre of the person in question. But, how does this scandal influence France’s foreign and domestic politics?



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  1. Wake News

    This is outrageous! But it probably is only a proof of the corrupt and infiltrated group called CRAPs = Criminal Run All Politicians of the group called DIMs = Dominant Insane Minority

    We have not only to expose these traitors but we also have to stop their evil masters:


    Steve Reply:

    @Wake News,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I totally agree.


  2. REY

    Nicolas Sarkozy a Zionist neo con, gate keeper for the Rothschilds is not only an informant for the Israeli mossad, but to those who don’t know his mother in law (his father’s second wife) Christine de Ganay got married in the 70’s with Frank Wisner Jr who took Paul Wolfowitz job at the Pentagon under George W Bush
    (Wolfowitz became in charge of the World Bank later on).
    Frank Wisner Jr ‘s father Frank Wisner was one of the original founders with Bill Donovan and
    Allan Dules of the CIA in 1947…Nicolas Sarkozy received a big help from the CIA to take over the French Government…his agenda is to absorb France into the New World Order, That is the only reason why he got so much positive coverage from our Zionist controlled mainstream news media , he is just a gate Keeper for the CIA while ruining his country to serve the Rothschilds interest instead of the French People.
    In fact he is a traitor to his country, and it is a shame that they no longer use the guillotine…
    Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian nobility Pal Sarkozy who emigrated to France during WW2, he is nothing more than an agent for Israel and the CIA and a gate keeper for the New World Order.
    To learn everything about the traitor Sarkozy search Google under ” Operation Sarkozy by Thierry Meyssan”
    Peace !

    Steve Reply:

    Thank you for you comment and info.
    Here’s a link to a good piece at Redicecreations.com…

    Operation Sarkozy

  3. USA Patriot

    Comment DELETED

    Racist comments will not be tollerated. It is not about a race of people – just as I am not responsible for whay my UK Zionist government does.

  4. Wise2theGame

    “racist comments will not be tolerated”, Mr. USA Patriot?

    You are aware, I would hope – that the term ‘racist’ was an invention of the mass murdering, evil, sadistic, Vladimir Lenin? This word ‘racist’ was invented for the purposes of silencing or intimidating opposition to the Jewish Bolshevik Communists and to their evil, murderous agenda. In modern times, this term ‘racist’ has become a weapon in the arsenal of certain criminal, alien, non-European descended, hate-filled elites of Semitic origin to attempt to silence any and all criticism and opposition to the evil that they are doing to the rest of humanity. So, dumbo, when you behave like a child’s fuzzy toy with a string in their neck that can be pulled in order for that fuzzy toy to repeat some pre-programmed sentence of human speech – and say: ‘racist comments will not be tolerated’, what you are really saying is precisely what the enemy of all mankind want you to say: “Comments that are critical of what Jews are doing, comments that expose the criminal activities of Jewish thugs or thieves or espionage agents – will not be tolerated”.

    This is exactly what they did when they took over the USSR in 1917, and the end result lead to the systematic mass murder of over 65 million Russians. You sure you want to foist this kind of evil on the entire planet, Mr. USA Patriotard? That’s the consequence of allowing this Leninist smear word to limit your freedom of speech, pal. Nobody deserves to be shielded from legitimate criticism by hiding behind this ‘racist’ smear word. And, we need to stop letting our enemies use it to silence our critical speech.

    Steve Reply:


    Thank you for you comment. I don’t think I’m dumbo, and you don’t know me so I think that’s a little arrogant and rude assumption on your part. You are a racist if you blame the whole race of people for actions of people simply becasue they are of the same race. If you’d like to view the posts on this site I’ll think you’ll see that these pages try very hard to expose the crimes committed by the Israeli government, Its army, and all its Zionist supporters. But I do not accept that all Jews are guilty because of the crimes against humanity Israel and its Zionist supporters do. Until you see this, you are as bad. It can never be a crime to be born in a certain country or to a certain mother and father. Your thinking is wrong and is how the Zionists have managed to use the claim of anti-semitism for so long. There are American Zionists too you know – does that mean you are guilty ?
    Are you guilty for killing American Indians because people of your race did ?
    Wake up man – join the human race and fight this evil together – not each other.

  5. joeglas

    The reality is that Jewish intellectual,political,cultural and economic elites are generally criminal and networked and pose a major threat to humanity.

    Steve Reply:


    I can accept that.
    But you shouldn’t be using “Jewish”, because that also blames people that will never, have never been, lived in or support Zionist Israeli actions but have simply been born to Jewish parents. I know its a problem, you know its a problem and anybody that looks at the subject knows its a problem – but while the word “Jewish” is used – any argument is not taken seriously – even when it should be. So we do not blame ALL Jewish people – simply because they are Jewish. There are many Jewish people against Zionism, against Israeli crime. There are Jewish people that expose the horrors of Zionism. So we cannot say “Jewish” in this fight against the evil of Zionism.

  6. Wise2TheGame

    Here we go again, Mr. USA Patriotard Steve. Don’t you see the tactic that is being used here? Creating these endless arguments and endless hair-splitting disagreements between the ‘gentiles’ of the world? This only serves to buy time for these evil forces, because it keeps their primary victims from recognizing the threat that is a mortal danger to the entire gentile world. Are there ‘good Jews’? Possibly; there certainly have been a rare individual or two – Ben Freedman, for one example – who tried to warn the entire world of what his fellow tribesmen were, and still are, up to. Henry Makow could be another example.

    But, the key thing for our side – and, I’m talking specifically to people of White European descent here – is that literally all Jews are hard core fanatics when it comes to flooding White majority, European founded nations with as many non-white, Third World aliens as possible. This is the Jewish Final Solution for their 2,000 year long battle with White Europeans and Christians – to reduce us to a subjugated minority inside our own nations, and to eventually race mix us or bury us under an avalanche of aliens totally unlike ourselves in every measurable and critical way, and thereby seek to render our people into extinction.

    That’s what this whole fabricated argument is about, Steve. Is our enemy only the’Zionists’ or is it the entire Jewish people? We can argue this issue forever, and never arrive at a mutually agreeable answer to what was once commonly known and described as ‘The Jewish Problem’. The bottom line is simple: Even those local Jews who you or I might know or deal with occasionally in our communities – they might well appear to be friendly and sometimes they might even spout a few favorable comments that agree with ours on issues regarding the evil that Israel and the Jewish Supremacist cult is doing to the rest of the world.

    But, when the rubber hits the road, Steve – they will cover for their tribal brethren and they are willing to lie and deceive and do whatever else is necessary to fool or deceive the goyim, because their Babylonian Talmud teaches them that conning the gentiles is perfectly acceptable behavior. So, how do we sort them out, Steve? Do we hook up a Bovine Excrement Detector to all of them, just to make sure they’re not lying or conning us? Exactly HOW can we know for sure whether they are friends or foes, Steve?

    Oh, and here’s another question for you. Every race on the planet has to be a little ‘racist’ – if, by the definition of that term that you seem to have accepted – they are aware of racial differences and are on guard against being exploited or taken advantage of by other races, and I doubt that there is any more predatory race than Jews – since they are hyper ethnocentric and are the most tight knit group on the entire planet. Plus, Jews do not want any other ethnic group to be tightly knit, which is why they push multiculturalism and race mixing everywhere in the West, except in Israel. Unlike the liberal Utopian dream world that seems to control your thinking – throughout human history, competition between various races of humans for things like territory, water, food, dominance, access to women, and other natural resources – these conflicts are what makes up the vast majority of recorded human history.

    As a self-hating, probably white liberal – you probably walk around feeling intense guilt over any of the past victories that the white race has achieved over their racial competitors, which is reflected in your comment about how our white ancestors whipped the Indians. Not I, pal. I cherish those victories and feel nothing but pride in the fact that my ancestors were courageous enough, self-confident enough, and had the gonads big enough to face and defeat a foe that I happen to hold a very high respect for, since it did take us about 400 years to finally achieve victory.

    In your case, you have obviously absorbed a considerable amount of Jewish anti-white, white-self-loathing, whites-are-evil and whites-are-the-oppressors propaganda from your TV and from countless anti-White Hollywood movies. You’ve allowed the Jewish controlled mainstream media to program you to believe any expression of pride or racial solidarity by whites is ‘racism’. Any verbal or physical resistance or opposition to Jewish predation is ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’. You have been reduced to a turtle who has been deprived of his protective shell – which is the exact purpose behind the last 50 years of anti-white baloney that has flowed out of the Jewish Hollywood media.

    You’re to be pitied, Steve. Your formula spells defeat, not only for the European people and for White Western Civilization – but it spells victory for the enemy.

    Steve Reply:


    Oh dear, you have got some issues. You obviously haven’t evolved. Tell me do you have thumbs yet ? how about brow ridges ?

    I’ll leave this post, you are entitled to your opinion but trust me – you wouldn’t say that to my face.

    Everyone can read this post and see both sides of the story – and see what you are by what you say – that’s fair.

  7. IH8Zionists

    I’m not surprised he is working with Israhell, i could have told you this years ago by looking at his big fucked up nose that he is a dirty Jew. Most people in power today are Zionists who are afraid of their own shadows let alone they are leaders of nations. We need people like JFK and Hitler to make comebacks and fight the terrorist Jews.

  8. Wise2TheGame

    IH8Zionists? I’ll give you a half ditto on your list of people we need to resurface to lead this fight. And, that half ditto is not in any way related or connected to ANY member of the Kennedy family. Joe Kennedy was the last member of that clan who had a clue about Enemy #1, and after they took care of JFK in Dallas, and RFK in Los Angeles, the rest of that family was scared witless and they ALL sold their souls to Satan’s kids and started working alongside them, taking whatever orders they were issued – and Order #1 was to help pass immigration policies which were designed to genocide the White America that these hate-filled elitist Jews despise with such a passion.

    As for ‘Steve’? You’re wrong, pal. I’d not only repeat everything I said to your face, but it would be in your best interests to listen politely and then cordially point out your counter arguments that would disprove anything I said. News Flash: This habit that Jews have to refuse to engage in cordial and polite discussions with gentiles who are wise to what they are up to, and instead try to issue some sort of subtle threat of physical confrontation as a means of trying to intimidate gentiles and shut them up is a very bad habit, because it isn’t working anymore.

  9. Steve

    If you stop using the words “Jew” and “Jewish” and replace them with Zionist, Zionists then we can agree on many of your points, but you will never convince the masses with your argument while you target a whole race based on race by using “Jew” in your argument. Peoples eyes will glaze over, you’ll be labelled an anti-Semitic racist and that will be that. All your effort to reveal the problem is lost and ignored by all except your staunch followers – your cause will have gained no extra support and may even lose some. People like to draw their own conclusions when presented with information only dumb sheep follow blindly and your approach spooks the herd. I run this site trying to point out the evil and unjust in this world. If this site becomes known as a “Jew” hating site then I may as well give up because it would only be visited by “Jew haters” before it was shut down.

  10. Steve

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