Sep 25

The Tilting of the Earth Changes Everything

The Tilting of the Earth Changes Everything

Vatic Note: There is a “Chinese Curse” that says:  “MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES”. And given all this below, I believe the curse must have taken hold.   As you can see we have begun to track changes to the earth and the various events unfolding that affect not only our planet but the sun, and the entire  solar system.   So, lets recap what we have learned.

1. Every 3,500 years Planet X arrives, and this time it is not coming from the eliptical of the solar system, rather from the south or beneath the solar system which should already be making an impact on our entire solar system including the sun and planets,
2. We also learned that the solar system revolves around in the galaxy a body of celetial matter every 5,000 or so years and that is happening right now as we speak.  Its now beginning its move through the photon cloud which should last between 2 to 3 thousand years.  Its a period of intense increase in energy source and vibration, affects the electromagnetic sphere of our globe and has an affect on our sun.
3. Add to that the 11 year cycle of the sun and we are now in the most active part of that cycle with major increases in not only number but intensity of sun spots.
4. Now with this article we also find the earth has tilted on it axis sufficiently to make a noticable difference in its spin, magnetic poles and its relationship to the stars and sky.

So lots going on which is manifesting itself in increased earthquakes and volcanic activity and definite changes in our Magnetic sphere.  What we don’t know yet, is what impact will this all have on us and this planet and its liveability when all four are present at once.   We certainly do live in interesting times…. don’t we??? What a great adventure.  Think about it.  We will go through what the Sumarians went through and no one else since then until now.  What a great time to be alive and experience things that won’t come around for another 3,600 to 5,000 years again.  We get to rewrite history by doing things “right” this time around.  .


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