Oct 02

Is The Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens?

Roswell UFO Museum

Nicholas West
UFOs and extraterrestrials have long been treated as the ultimate conspiracy theory by the establishment.  Therefore, the growing chatter of mainstream news stories about UFOs and aliens seems very peculiar. Why the attention all of a sudden?  Is the establishment conditioning us for the arrival of extraterrestrials?  Could they have an agenda for doing so?
Recent reporting of genuine events such as the multiple UFOs that forced the closing of separate airports in China; stories covering the release of new UFO books written by credible ex-military; UFOs tampering with nuclear devices; the discovery of a “habitable” planet near Earth; a bizarre story about the Pope’s astronomer saying he would gladly baptize an alien if asked; and the pending appointment of a U.N. space ambassador are bringing some legitimacy to the conspiracy.

Quick story: when I was a 21-year-old carefree hippie, a friend and I jumped in my Volkswagen Westfalia camper and headed west for a mountain-biking road trip.  One of our destinations was Roswell, New Mexico to see what remained of the UFO hype from the famed encounter in the late ’40s.  We had a guidebook which mentioned a UFO museum that we were getting more excited to see by the mile marker.
We arrived in the seedy little town of Roswell in the morning, passing many buildings with alien and UFO likenesses painted on them. We found the museum without too much trouble and stretched our legs to the entrance.  After I had paid my admission and walked in, I suddenly realized that there weren’t going to be any artifacts there.  I felt sort of like a fool for being excited in the first place.  Instead, there were grainy photos blown up of famous UFO images and a recreation of the “alien autopsy” using mannequins.  Needless to say, we left the museum disappointed — mostly at ourselves.
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