Oct 02

Terrorist Group Islam4UK With Alleged Ties To Al Qaeda Exposed As Intelligence Front

The Intel Hub
By Alexander Higgins

Evidence surfaces exposing Islam4UK, a supposed Islamic extremist group with ties to Al Qaeda that has been banned in the UK for promoting terrorism on the streets and online, as a British Intelligence front.

American’s and citizens of other nations around the world sit quietly as their fellow citizens’ rights are violated in the name of the “War on Terror”. Meanwhile Wall Street has become so corrupt the banks foreclosing on homes they don’t even have a mortgage against and the U.S Supreme court has legalized a whole array of civil liberties violations including the legalization of CIA abduction, overseas detention, and torture of innocent American citizens.

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Why have we allowed the Government to kidnap us and torture us? Why have we allowed the courts to rule that private property is no longer private?

Because the media continues to run stories we know are lies and that we believe without even questioning. We have all seen that radical Muslims on CNN and other main stream media outlets.

For example, watch this video of group of Muslims known as Islam4UK protesting the Afghanistan war.

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