Nov 08


by Robert Green and Team

The Hollie Greig campaign had yet another stunning victory last [Monday] night in Shropshire, where Robert Green and other constitutional activists, backed by local villagers, were set to take on Parish Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden, whose remit in the full Council is bizarrely described as Child Protection, for her prominent role in the issuing of threats against Hollie and Anne and the disgraceful and uncalled-for ransacking of their home on 3rd June.

It should be noted that Shropshire Social Services have chosen to demean Hollie as a minor, she is very angry at this as she is a 30 year-old woman with an NVQ and exercises her right to vote.

As the meeting hall filled up and extra chairs were provided for the unexpected multitude of attendees, of Councillor Caesar-Homden there was no sign. It was then announced she had unexpectedly resigned!

One of the local residents immediately challenged the Chairman (Colin Case), asking him if it was to do with the leaflet campaign in the village (Ruyton Xl Towns), on behalf of Hollie, in which the Councillor was named. The Chairman felt he could not comment.

The Chairman of the meeting refused to allow the issue of Hollie’s safety to be raised. Robert had written to him prior to the meeting asking for this to be put on the agenda. The Chairman, when challenged, refused to give an explanation as to why it had not been done and tersely insisted that “standing orders” for Parish Councils were that only items on the agenda were allowed to be to be raised by members of the public. He then threatened to have anybody who objected to this removed from the meeting.

After lengthy discussions of planning matters, the subject of dog-fouling was raised by a member of the public and the Chairman took it upon himself to “lift” standing orders to allow that subject to be discussed. This shows a perverse set of priorities with child safety being of lesser importance than dog poo to him.


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