Nov 14

Friends spot black triangle UFO in Bonfire Night sky

By nick horner
Two Sutton workers had a close encounter with a UFO which was spotted flying over Boldmere last week.  triangle-GO

A UFO was spotted flying over Sutton on the eve of Bonfire Night last week by two friends at different locations in the town.

The triangular object, which was said to be four of five times the size of a commercial airliner, was seen in Boldmere heading in the direction of Wylde Green last Thursday (November 4) at around 6.30pm by Sutton workers Matt Somerton and David Allen.

Matt, who works as a data processor in the town centre, was being driven along Jockey Road to his Boldmere home in Wakefield Close when he saw the strange craft just as he came over the railway bridge.

He had been chatting to David about booking tickets for a gig in Birmingham when he saw the triangular craft, which, he said, “Looked like the Red Arrows when they fly in formation”.

The 23-year-old added: “It was too big to be any plane I know of. It was just gigantic, I would say 100ft across. I was in shock and said: ‘What the hell was that?'”

Matt said that David Sharp, who was driving him home, nearly crashed when he looked up.

“He heard me mention a UFO and looked over to the left and swerved the car,” Matt said. “He said it was too big to be a Lancaster Bomber or anything like that.

“It was also silent. I couldn’t really make out a structure and couldn’t see anything in the middle of the lights.

“I have had a look on the internet and it said it could be plasma but with the technology they have these days, it could be anything.” David, who was at work in the Spar shop in Boldmere Road, a short distance from Jockey Road, was at first sceptical about Matt’s sighting but then went outside the back of the shop and was amazed at what he saw.


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