Nov 10

Highland Park takes down anti-fluoride posters that calls city’s water ‘poison’

By Sue Ter Maat

Two posters plastered to city telephone poles claiming “there is poison in the tap water” recently prompted city officials to assure residents the city’s water supply is safe.

A international anti-fluoride campaign appears to have hit the city after water treatment plant workers found the posters, said Annette Cardisff, assistant to the city’s public works director.

The yellow and black posters implied the city’s fluoridation process is tantamount to putting poison into the water supply.
Highland Park officials found this poster attached to city telephone poles.

The posters claimed that fluoride is found in most insecticides and that it doesn’t prevent tooth decay.

The posters asked readers who want more information to go to infowars.com, which is a site run by Alex Jones, a radio talk show host. According to an August post on the site, he has launched an informational campaign about the dangers of fluroide.

The post said the yellow and black flyer “is a tool that can be used to get the message out about this serious crime against the people. Fluoride is a toxic poison that has known serious side effects. Spread the word. Post this flyer in legal, easily visible locations. Pass it out to friends, family, and people you meet.”


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