Dec 05

No One to Vote for: A Normal Day In Blighty

By Kev Boyle

So David Chaytor M.P. is likely to go to jail over a fraudulent £20,000 expenses claim.

One can almost hear the public chorus……”Bloody good job!”

However, this public humiliation of MPs has been going on for a year and the question arises, “Why now?”

It is not as if expenses fiddles are anything new. This kind of thing is utterly commonplace and has been since a certain greedy element of mankind first recognised that the way to wealth is parasitism and manipulation rather than hard labour….

…..i.e. it has been going on forever.

It is also not as if the sums involved are in any way significant. The total amount of all MPs cheating added together amounted to about one million quid. Considering their positions and the kind of strokes they might have happily pulled, this figure reveals them to be, in all probability, an untypically honest lot (do you know anyone who works inside a building company, a Lawyers’ billing office, a large corporation or somewhere like Price Waterhouse Cooper? Twenty grand stolen? Peanuts!).

While our representatives have been stealing one million pounds from the public purse (that they would have mostly recycled back into the UK economy), they have also allowed in excess of 1 trillion pounds to be given to the banking system as ‘quantitative easing’.


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