Dec 01

Right next to the ‘bomb’: Shehzad Tanweer and William Walshe

Nick Kollerstrom

Irishman William Walshe was sitting right next to where Tanweer supposedly detonated the bomb, but oddly enough the Inquest has not asked for his testimony.

Shehzad  Tanweer had his rucksack on the floor, standing in the Aldgate tube train, the Inquest heard, by the corner of the second set of double doors – though no-one saw him there. He then blew up into about fifty pieces, or that is how many different bits of tissue were supposedly checked by DNA as from him. In that case, we cannot help wondering how Mr William Walsh fared, who was sitting in the seat immediately next to where the ‘bomb’ supposedly went off?

A couple of days later, Mr Walsh gave an interview to a TV company about his experience,  still very much in one piece though scarred and burnt. He had climbed out of the blasted coach through the window behind him, and his legs had been cut by the glass.


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