Dec 18

When More Green Makes You Poorer

By Bob Ellis

Once again the young and intrepid Steven Crowder does what the “mainstream” media finds itself incapable (unwilling?) to do: investigate hysterical governmental claims.

Crowder went to the enviro-confab in Cancun, Mexico, where the greenies went this year to toil in the same level of austerity they plan to impose on we the little people. (Actually, the only austerity seen in the Cancun area was practiced by the regular people–the kind of people who already live in the kind of world the socialist greenies want to impose on the rest of us)

Actually, they flew (something the little people like you and me shouldn’t do) to Cancun this year because they wanted to escape the embarrassing debacle they faced last year when Copenhagen froze over and was plagued by blizzards during their global warming hysteria-fest. Europe was locked in record-breaking cold as the socialists converged on Cancun, so they felt safe on the balmy Mexican shores…that is, until record-setting cold temperatures chilled Cancun itself.

But Crowder took us behind the scenes at the Cancun confab, revealing what a great and self-fulfilling time this was for all the self-important environmental people there.

Crowder points out that the goal of the environmentalists is to take our emission levels back to where they were more than a century ago…when almost no one had a car, electricity, washing machines, electric stoves, televisions, computers, cell phones, air conditioning, frozen popsicles…well, you get the picture.  But what’s a little austerity for the little people, right?


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