Jan 28

Massive blizzard buries northeast US

By PressTV

A January 27 photo of the snows of New York

A rare thunder-snow storm has battered northeast United States, disrupting public services and paralyzing air and ground travel over a vast area.

The winter snow storm that blanketed America’s northeast on January 27 stretches from Washington to as far north as Boston.

All major airports were forced to close and hundreds of flights have been cancelled.

New York City was hit with over a foot and a half of snow and for the first time in years, the city decided to close most government offices.

Public and private schools and universities were closed and classes cancelled. It is only the ninth time in over three decades that New York City schools were closed for a snow day.

This storm has one of the largest snowfall accumulations in New York City history and has been the snowiest January on record.

After building up early Wednesday with ice and freezing rain, the storm blanketed the US capital at the height of the evening rush hour, not even sparing President Barack Obama, who faced travel delays upon returning from a day trip to the US Midwest.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered all but essential city services shut and school cancelled.

“New York City almost never takes a snow day, but today is one of those rare days. People should stay at home and off the roads. There are extensive service delays on mass transit, including a suspension of all bus service,” AFP quoted Bloomberg as saying.

The mayor took a public battering earlier this month over what was seen as his mishandling of the blizzards.


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