Feb 23

**ALERT** FAKE Silver Coins/Bars/Ingots ARE on the market in U.S.!

Fake Morgan Silver Dollars ( photo by Peninsula Daily News)

I had posted about how Tungsten is up 70% in the last year and inserted a video showing fake gold and a video with David Morgan of Silver-Investor discussing fake gold and silver.  Last week during the interview David Morgan did with me, he talked about fake gold and silver possibly being on the market, besides other information about it.

Gold  has been a given in regards to possibly being fake due to the price of it!  It is well worth an organization (ie: Fed, govt) to fake besides the price, they are pretending there is much more gold than there really is.

With silver, the cost of faking it compared to the cost of the metal itself has not made it such a likely candidate as gold is.  But times have been changing and in my opinion will be really changing in the not too distant future!  In fact this next month – March, there will hopefully be fireworks going off at the Comex. The physical Silver market is tight, all the experts are saying that.  So it was simply a matter of time before fake silver began getting on the market.

We did not have to wait too long, Fake Silver is now here!



  1. David Slater

    Fake Silver Question?
    If I take my Multitester Meter and meaurre OHMS inRX1 what is the resistance of silver vs fake
    Is this a valid test ?

    Steve Reply:

    @David Slater,

    May be its a possible test, ?
    Here’s a link to some silver resistances…

    However, I think maybe resistance is to broad and fake may have a similar resistance.


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