Feb 02

Tunis…Cairo…Wall Street?…Washington? Could it happen here?

By Dr. Payback

Consider:  In North Africa, unresponsive, self-interested, moneyed tyrants falling to popular revolt.  People impoverished by an unaccountable government run and funded by a wealthy and corrupt elite.  Two leaders, both “key allies” of the United States, leaders in the “war against terror,” and thus against true democracy and Arab and Muslim self-determination.

Ben Ali—the dictator of Tunisia, became president for life in 1987, held a series of ‘elections’ in which he never won less than 90% of the vote.  Ben Ali, the man who looted his own country, set up Swiss bank accounts for his family, and lived opulently amid the squalor of his own people.  Ben Ali, the “friend” of the West, key American ally in the ‘war on terror’ that is in reality a war on Islam.  But the people delivered justice.

Mubarak—the enemy of his own people, a traitor and betrayer, surviving only through the magnanimous “aid,” $1.5 billion per year, from the U.S.—in return for serving as the American puppet, for enforcing Israeli-American interests over those of his own people, for helping to crush the innocents in Gaza on his doorstep.  Mubarak—the Judenknecht, as the Germans would say, a slave to the Jews.  But the people delivered justice.

Could it happen here?


Bill Bard says…

Quite probably.

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