Feb 04

Why eligibility is a winning issue

By Joseph Farah

Conservatives make me laugh – and cry, sometimes.

From the very beginning of WND’s relentless coverage of the eligibility issue, there were many very high-profile conservatives in public office and the media who discouraged any focus on it.

They whispered and muttered that it was not a “winning issue.”

They wrung their hands in worriment over the possibility that Barack Obama would pull the rug out from under the pursuit by pulling his long-form birth certificate out of his hat – making us look ridiculous for ever asking for it.

They even went so far as to suggest the whole controversy was a “trap” being set for those who went near it.

They warned that Obama is waiting for me to get out far enough on a limb so he can saw it off.

They were even afraid that Obama might indeed be ineligible and the nation would face a constitutional crisis as a result.

I didn’t listen to them then, and I don’t listen to them now.


It’s very simple.

There is no doubt, none whatsoever, that Barack Obama is hiding something about his origins and his life leading to the White House.

Newest WND bumper sticker gets to the heart of eligibility matter: “NO BC / NO DC”

It has been two-and-a-half years since serious questions first arose about his birthplace, his parentage, his adoption, his travels, his college years, his early education and so on. When we began pursuing the question of his constitutional eligibility, no one else was covering it or taking it seriously. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised in June of 2009 when we conducted our first scientific public-opinion poll on the issue to learn that 50 percent of the public had even heard about the controversy – and that half of those were skeptical about Obama’s claims.

Bill Bard says
With so many doubting Obama being eligible for the Presidency, it will have to be answered one way or the other eventually.  The MSM won’t get involved,  so that leads me to doubt if he is in fact
a Fraud.
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