Mar 21

Libyan War: Globalists Bluffing their way to Victory

by Tony Cartalucci

In a war the globalists dared not even debate domestically amongst their bankrupt, imploding societies, they are now oafishly extending their litany of verifiable lies, and unverified accusations over the combat phase of their meddling in Libya.

We were told that UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1973 was to establish a no-fly zone over Libya to protect civilians. We would only be kidding ourselves if we didn’t realize the entire resolution was just the “camel’s nose entering the tent” – and that full-fledged war and regime change is well underway.

Perhaps sensing that non-existent public support will not sustain another decade of war on yet another battlefront, the globalists are trying to bluff their way through to a quick victory. In additional to a terroristic “shock & awe” campaign, the British MI6 are now attempting to threaten members of Libya’s government and military with assassination if they don’t defect from Qaddafi’s government. This comes from a Daily Mail article charmingly titled “MI6 puts gun to generals’ heads.” Indeed, this is the true face of the “international community,” gangsters on a global scale extorting their demands via death threats and acts of shocking violence.

It is also quite apparent that the campaign to demonize Libya’s government has hit a few snags with an increasingly astute public forcing propaganda outfits like BBC to concede their reports are merely “allegations” and “claims,” with even the Department of Defense admitting to having “no confirmation whatsoever” on reports of Qaddafi brutalizing civilian populations. This is important to keep in mind considering the entire justification behind UNSC resolution 1973, authorizing the recent missile and aerial bombardments of Libya by the US, UK, and France is based on these “allegations” and “claims” of which the US Department of Defense has “no confirmation whatsoever.”

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Late February 2011, Libyan opposition leader Ibrahim Sahad, sitting in front of the White House, spells out the game plan long before the US, UK, and EU began their poorly feigned “soul searching” on what to do over Libya.

The United Nations masquerades as an international authority coordinating and lending legitimacy to “global responses,” including the current aggression towards Libya. In reality, it is but a tool, a facilitator for the global corporate-financier agenda. Its recent Resolution 1973 is a rubber stamped, nearly verbatim copy of the corporate funded stratagems that have been plotting and articulating regime change in Libya openly since early February.


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