Mar 26

Trade Union’s Common Purpose with Government: The Transfer of Wealth and The Police State

By Neil Foster

Today’s Trade Union Conference led march in London at 1pm should a rallying cry for everyone to get behind to bring about the end of the ruling oligarchy which is hell bent on destroying the lives of ordinary people. Unfortunately I think it has the potential to become a bloodbath but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

Why do I think this?

Well when you have Francis Maude on BBC at 8 o’clock on a Saturday in an open necked casual shirt trying to look like an ordinary guy you meet down the local pub to share a pint and a chat with, my suspicions are immediately raised.

His theme was to justify the lie that the government had to make all the draconian cuts to the public services to pay off the ‘national’ debt, that fraudulent beast known as the Bank of England, who are pillaging the nation for their own private interests.

‘Sir’ Francis Maude is a very influential supporter and I’m sure crucial element behind Common Purpose who brag that they will provide the ‘future leaders’ in our society.


This of course includes the leaders of any large influential group who can pull the strings of a gullible public and bring about radical changes within society without any mandate from anyone. They even enjoy all the tax free benefits of a registered charity although I can’t see any correlation between ‘creating future leaders’ and any concept of charitable work.


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