Apr 28

US cop punches woman in the face

An off-duty Atlanta officer slugged a woman during a brawl at a restaurant on Sunday.
A shocking video has emerged showing an off-duty Atlanta officer punching a woman in the face, an incident that has triggered outrage amid rampant police brutality across the US.

The video, which was shot on Sunday at a restaurant in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood in the US state of Georgia, shows a confrontation between police officers and a group of women, followed by a violent scuffle between two cops and one of the women identified as Cynthia Freeman, the New York Daily News reported.

The woman can be seen placing her hand on the officer and trying to convince him that she did not do anything wrong. Shortly after she began to assault him, the officer punched the woman in the face and then attempted to arrest her.

The cause of the incident is still unknown, but a woman who was in the scuffle with the officer, has told Atlanta’s WSBTV television that she and her friends were having coffee when an officer told them to quiet down.

Four women were arrested in the violence and Freeman herself has sustained injuries. Atlanta Attorney Bobby Aniekwu says he is representing three of the women in what he considers a case of “excessive force.”


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