Apr 10

When This Happens, Most Nuclear Power Plants in the World Could Melt Down

Washington’s Blog

Whenever there is a disaster, those responsible claim it was “unforeseeable” so as to escape blame.
For example:

  • It happened with 9/11
  • It happened with the financial crisis
  • It happened with the BP oil spill (see this, this, this, this and this)

The big boys gamble with our lives and our livelihoods, because they make a killing by taking huge risks and cutting costs. And when things inevitably go South, they aren’t held responsible (other than a slap on the wrist), and may even be bailed out by the government.

Are All Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable?

Much of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex has experienced difficulties because the earthquake knocked out the main power, and then the tsunami destroyed the backup diesel generators.

Of course, many other reactors are built in seismically active areas. But that’s not my point.


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