May 17

JAPAN – Why the US used HAARP to create the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake…OIL!

by PC
Honda FCX Clarity – Zero Gasoline

Japan is producing vehicles that don’t use any gasoline – not a drop. No gasoline means zero emissions and zero oil revenue. The US attacked Iraq and Libya for one reason only – OIL! Why spend $trillions on wars of terror to seize control of the oil in the Middle East if the demand would drop drastically with the introduction of vehicles that uses zero gasoline?

The US used HAARP in an attack against Japan to protect its financial interests in the Middle East. The Japan Earthquake was created to kill the production of Japan’s all-electric and hydrogen fueled cars. Cars like the hydrogen fueled car – the Honda FCX Clarity.

The FCX Clarity demonstrates electric car qualities such as zero emissions while offering 5 minute refueling times, 134 horsepower and long range in a full function large sedan.
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