May 29

Smoking Mirrors: Vampires are Real

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It is not hard to understand. The point is there and everything else follows. You only have to look at this and you can find it anywhere you go; fundamentally or superficially, in the world at large. The march of the corporations and bankers who drive the cattle (that be you) is pushing to profit. Wi-Fi laptopping in Starbucks, comes from quarter inch, permanent dents in the heads of black women in The Congo, hauling baskets of strange minerals, that make your computer games and cellphones work. I could list from West Papua and back again. I could talk about millionaire sport’s figures, that live in Gold Coast communities, from Santa Monica to Marbella. I could show you the crumbling construction sites along the Spanish coast, that got made and left unmade, with inferior materials, or go to Trump licensing, Las Vegas style enclaves, in Florida that don’t get built and deposits don’t get returned.

You can look at all the Monsanto (My Satan), bio-engineered food industries that morph into fuel industries and then travel to soybean billionaires in Brazil again. You can look at all the munching and crunching, of a select few, who feed off of the industry and pain of labor imported from places, where they can’t grow food and then they turn them into mercenaries, who murder the people, who have the dents in their heads, from the pressure of the ropes on their foreheads, from bringing the Game Boy minerals, to the computers that operate at the Starbucks, that fuel the society of the moment, which you can see on your TV and… Lady Gaga will be doing the sound track, while thrusting her unwholesome, leather strapped- Madonna wannabe- “it’s the same thing only different”,’ new and improved’ and so on and so forth into your face… and you can get the picture or maybe you don’t get the picture because of all the smoke and mirrors and because you want your shit packaged and cheap.


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