May 04

The GCCF Statistics…What Ken’s editorial doesn’t report…

And what I’m clearly saying to you people is that it is impossible for I, Kenneth Feinberg, to lie to anyone, about anything, and to prove it with fact, let me be the first to say that I, Kenneth Feinberg, would never lie to anyone about anything. See? What more do you people want?

Ken Feinberg has been getting a lot of flack from people in the Gulf Coast regarding his claims process. The accusations are flying a mile a minute, some of them coming from various members of Congress, the Justice Department and the Attorneys General of Alabama and Mississippi. Apparently having had enough of this, Feinberg wrote an editorial in last Sunday’s Press Register, where he took to task his critics and specifically the various Alabama politicians, and their claims regarding his handling of the claims process…

He writes:

“Both public officials have every right to their opinions but no right to distort the facts…”

Whereupon Ken begins to do precisely that.

Shall we review?

He reports the GCCF has distributed some $4 billion dollars to 200,000 individuals and businesses in the Gulf region.

He doesn’t report $16 billion dollars is remaining in the fund, nor that he has estimated he will be giving half of it back to British Petroleum when this is all said and done. He doesn’t mention getting to this point has taken over eight months…while needy families and business wait, struggling, nor does he mention that a District Court Judge has ruled he is not independent of British Petroleum, but is more of a “hybrid” entity, thus making all of his claims handling suspect…or, would you be inclined, after a doctor hits you with his car, to have that same doctor do your medical evaluation and determine if you were healthy or needed compensation and if so, how much you should get?

He reports the GCCF has not been “tight-fisted” when it comes to paying claims and cites as proof the fact that 660 people have appealed his offers to the Coast Guard who has agreed with the GCCF’s decision every time.


Bill Bard said…

Feinberg still being an arsehole

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