May 20

When the Walking Half Dead become the Walking Undead.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.
Given that the world is going to end tomorrow, according to the numerological calculations of one kind of zombie. It stands to reason that something like this would be announced by the government, proving that religions and government have both come to the end of their tether of madness and proving that if their world doesn’t end on Saturday, it can’t be that far off.
Real life has now outdistanced Hollywood and network TV in the fabrication of unbelievable scenarios and what that means is that the engine of illusion that has spellbound the populace for so long, has now reached the limits of its possibilities. It can only get crazier and more unbelievable, until the system devourers itself just like the approaching wave of apocalyptic zombies will be devouring what’s left of whoever is left in the web nets of the engine of illusion.
You tell yourself that it can’t be as twisted as you think it is. There must be something wrong with your perceptions. Can government and religion really be barking mad? Can Butch Napolitano and the rest of the front crew of zombie fascists, really be sawing off one of the top branches on the crazy tree, while they are on the far end of it? Apparently this is true. It’s unbelievable but so has been the handling of Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Fukushima and the wave of gratuitous wars engaged in by the former home of the brave and land of the free.


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