Jul 29

A Lot of Ruin In a Nation

By Petrarch

It takes a lot to destroy a country – but our elites don’t even believe it’s possible.

Recently your humble correspondent had the opportunity to sit in on an economic status meeting of a junior branch of the Elites.

No, this wasn’t my long-anticipated invitation to the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, or even the Masons.  They were a mixture of successful people, mostly senior executives from private industry serving the government sector, with a smattering of senior executives from the government financial world, who may or may not have previously met.

Nobody would mistake them for the actual people who run the world; but most of them have contacts with those that do.  Their views on our current and near-future economic climate should be of interest to us little people down here on the ground, to say the least.

The more so since the moderator decided to open the meeting with a “get-acquainted” trick straight out of the Big Book ‘o Public Meetings: go around the table, introduce yourself and your organization…

…And rate, on a scale from 1 to 10, your view of the American economy through the end of 2012, with 10 being “bullish” and 1 being “bearish.”


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