Jul 01

Gilad Atzmon: Gaza Flotilla vs. Diaspora Jewry

The Israelis are preparing themselves for another massacre on the high seas.

This should not take us by surprise: after all, people who are detached from a true notion of history, and driven by a continuous fantasy of destruction, would be the last to draw a lesson from their past.

Earlier today I learned that The Israeli Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry held a simulation practice, ahead of the Gaza flotilla: in the course of the exercise, Minister Yuly Edelstein formed a ‘special situation room’ that is designated to disseminate ‘public diplomacy’ on the internet ,via messages, ?photos, video clips and additional materials, with emphasis on Diaspora ?communities, Jewish organisations, and friends of Israel around ?the world.

Just in case you weren’t sure what the expected role of Diaspora Jews is, I guess that by now Minister Edelstein has provided the answer.

However, the most interesting part of the story is the detailed description of the flotilla simulation itself: the imaginary scenarios depicted by Minister Edelstein and the IDF provide a glimpse into Israeli collective psychosis.

“The exercise was based on a scenario in which approximately 500 activists on ?approximately ten ships reached Israel’s territorial waters at 10:00,” says the Israeli document. ?”Despite having been warned by the IDF, the ships continued on their way. At ?10:30, the Israel Navy began approaching the ships. Stun grenades were ?thrown at the IDF soldiers, as well as one live grenade that caused a number ?of casualties to our forces.”


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