Jul 14

High Level Royal Air Force Officer, Sir Christopher Moran Victim of Political Assassination in the UK

By David Adams – The Sovereign Independent –

There has been much speculation over the likely covert assassination of Tory Party Grandee Christopher Shale on 26 June 2011 (a former close associate of Prime Minister David Cameron) days after the he was publicly critical of the British Conservative Party and Government. The assassination has been recently confirmed by Michael Shrimpton, Barrister, Royal United Services Institute spokesman and renowned intelligence agency insider and conduit. In a further twist to this event Michael Shrimpton has now confirmed that on 26 May 2010 the senior officer who was second in command of the Royal Air Force, Air Chief Marshall Sir Christopher Moran, was also assassinated by the same hidden forces.

The mainstream media have conveyed the apparently false notion that both men died of natural causes but Mr Shrimpton alleges that intelligence sources reveal not only that Air Chief Marshall Moran was covertly assassinated but that Christopher Shale’s similar assassination occurred in part because of what he knew about the Air Chief Marshall’s murder. It is also alleged by Mr Shrimpton that the British Security Services have been infiltrated/penetrated by such murdering forces. These shocking revelations came in a local Bristol Radio interview on Friday 8 July 2011 and, given the track record of Mr Shrimpton as an unofficial conduit for security service information releases to date, must be taken very seriously. The transcript of Mr Shrimpton’s radio interview follows and a recording is available at the below mentioned locations.

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