Jul 07

Holy haboob! A photo gallery of historic dust storms


After a haboob trailed dirt and sand all over Arizona Tuesday, many people were left agape at a weather phenomenon that seemed to have leaped across the seas from the Sahara Desert. But haboobs, or dust storms that are propelled in front of powerful low-pressure systems, have occurred throughout history in the U.S. Here’s proof.

Black Sunday dust storm in the Plains

haboobish dust cloud engulfs a Kansas outpost in 1935. The dust was presumably part of a gigantic dirt storm that killed birds while they flew. Said the National Weather Service: “The onrushing cloud, the darkness, and the thick, choking dirt, made this storm one of terror and the worst, while it lasted, ever known here.”

Aftermath of a dust storm

Dust bowl dust storms killed via “dust suffocation” and “dust pneumonia,” meaning your lungs fill with dust. Pictured is buried farm equipment in Dallas, S.D., after a dust storm in 1935.


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