Jul 16

WANTED: men with balls to stand up to our banking overlords

Women with figurative balls are welcome too. No applications necessary. Just stand up and fight.

This is an equal opportunity call to everyone and anyone with any sense of dignity who sees the colossal shaft Americans are getting up the ass on a daily basis at the behest of our banking overlords.

Actually, the ad should read ‘desperately seeking’ because at the rate we’re going things are set to get really, really bad very, very soon for everyone and anyone who doesn’t have their own personal international bank in their back yard.  No one else is immune.

(Reuters) – With Chicago still facing a lingering deficit in its current budget, Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled on Friday a series of steps that will lead to up to 625 layoffs.

The steps include the privatization of custodial services at city libraries and airports, benefits services and the water billing call center. In addition, about 126 seasonal workers in Chicago’s transportation department would be discharged, resulting in a drop in curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements this year.

“Today I’m taking steps because I cannot wish away this budget shortfall,” the mayor told reporters.

If anyone’s ever seen Apocalypto by Mel Gibson, this is reminscent of the scene where scores of captive slaves are marched to the top of a great pyramid where the high priest proceeds to tear out their hearts with his bare fist as they watch, then chop off their heads letting it roll onto the ground before legions of ravaged and destitute people undulating with satisfaction that the gods will now spare their city from utter destruction.

And so the high priest Rahm Emanuel sacrifices another 625 families in Chicago so as not to displease his banking overlords.

We can sit by and watch idly as they march the rest of us up to the top of that pyramid, or we can fight.

Which do you choose?

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Uploaded by haysjp / A clip from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto depicting a Maya Sacrificial ceremony. The video was embedded in a Google Earth presentation and was cited accordingly.


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