Aug 18

UK riots: police could get new curfew powers, says Theresa May

By Alan Travis and agencies

Home secretary says it is time to consider whether police need power ‘to impose a general curfew in a particular area’

New powers allowing police to clear the streets and create “no-go” areas for the public are being considered, the home secretary, Theresa May, has said.

May said it was time to consider whether the police needed a power “to impose a general curfew in a particular area” in the aftermath of last week’s riots.

The home secretary said the government was also contemplating tougher powers to impose curfews on individual teenagers under the age of 16.

In a speech in London, she said the power to declare a general curfew was needed because existing dispersal powers only allowed the police to declare a “no go” area with advance notification.

“In the fast-moving situation we have seen in the last week, we need to make sure the police have all the powers that are necessary,” she added.

Asked about the curfew powers, May said: “It’s something that we’re going to look at to address whether, and to what extent, we may need to change the law.

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