Aug 27

Wow – Video of Comet Elenin from Auckland New Zealand. Here it is, double tail and all!

Great Video of Comet Elenin from New Zealand. They got it up close. I know many I have talked to every where have been seeing something by the moon as I have.

I have to say it is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing Elenin myself in the sky as this video shows it.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Maxwell

    “””There be WINGS OF LIGHT, TO BRING A HERALDING, OF THE END OF NIGHT.Pretty cool is it not?????Order please…………and RECEIVED.. ONE BEGOT.Peace Love Always…Maxwell

  2. Maxwell

    Hmm letttttt,s see, how does it, you know….that song….. go, i,m still a bit cloudy ,…perhaps, if a drink ,from a well. Hark the herald angels sing, something, something, to a NEW BORN KING””””Peace Love Always…Maxwell.

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