Sep 27

LightSquared- Open Letter from LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja:

RESTON, Va., September 25, 2011 – LightSquared™’s, CEO, Sanjiv Ahuja, will publish an open letter to all Americans that will run in major newspapers on Monday. In the letter, Mr. Ahuja reaffirms LightSquared’s commitment to making wireless broadband accessible and affordable across America through the company’s wholesale-only nationwide 4G-LTE network integrated with satellite coverage.

The text of the letter reads:

To Americans everywhere,

Today, with limited competition in the U.S. wireless market, there are still vast areas of our country without access to broadband. Other areas are plagued by dropped calls and weak signals.

America’s wireless infrastructure is at a critical crossroad as weak signals, dead-zones, and over-subscribed networks risk stalling American innovation and failing to meet consumer needs now and in the future. Within the next 24 months, demand for broadband wireless will outstrip the current total spectrum available in the United States—jeopardizing everything from the smartphones and tablets we love to the emergency responder services we rely upon to keep us safe. The current nationwide wireless providers have failed to innovate and in the process have failed to keep pace with consumer and technological demands.

Understanding this impending reality, LightSquared began investing nearly a decade ago in the development of America’s first state-of-the-art nationwide wireless broadband network integrated with satellite coverage to provide high quality broadband access and affordability for all Americans. After the review of our engineering and technological plans, LightSquared received the license to operate our network in 2003 and again in 2005 with the full endorsement of the GPS industry.

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