Sep 06

The Wheel of Fortune

By T Stokes

Many have wondered how the controversy over former IMF chief Dominique Strauss –Kahn’s escapades ever reached the public? After all the Murdoch press serve the same masters as Strauss-Kahn so they could easily have kept this scandal from public scrutiny.

As the wheel of fortune turns it turns good fortune and prosperity for one man and desolation and ruin for the next.

What did Strauss-Kahn do whereby he needed to be pushed from favour?

The Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss specialised in honey trapping Hollywood luminaries and political high flyers that were lured into the frame to be blackmailed.

The British brothel madam Lindi St Claire, the original Miss Whiplash ran a similar service supplying the most extraordinary beautiful women to those in government in the seventies and eighties. Her underground torture chamber was reputedly rigged for secret sound and film, although I hasten to add that I do not know for which intelligence service, if any.

She also would arrange a service called ‘normalising’. This occurred when suspected homosexuals were dining quietly in a cosy romantic restaurant with someone of the opposite sex when press photographers would suddenly burst in on them. The resulting photos would then appear in the next day’s papers. Thus when rumours circulated about pop singer Cliff Richards some years back he was photographed with a female tennis player, killing off any rumours about his sexual proclivities and ‘normalising’ him.

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  1. Ian

    Ok Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!
    not heresay or rumour mongering.
    Wheres the evidence on Heath?
    Wheres the Evidence on Mandleson?
    Wheres the evidence on Freeman?
    Whers the evidence on Saville?
    You cant just sling mud without anything to back it up friend

  2. paul wilson

    my brother was in specail branch many years and he has told me some of this, so most i already knew, but it still makes awful reading, and i would not condone strauss kahns gabbinga womans breasts and demanding sex- if it happened as a petty crime
    P Wilson

  3. kazan aziz

    I used to live at 142 Lea bridge RD and i would pass this music shop on my way to and from school, some of the boys mums would walk them past it rather than let them walk past it on their own, it was no secret what went on in there in those days but nowadays gay behaviour is not seen as bad as it was back then, incidentally the area is very different now with all the redevelopments.
    Kazan Aziz

  4. amanda johnson

    the famous manfred mann song ‘ blinded by the light’ tells of these very events, that the illumined ones or illuminati,
    had the posh cars like these DJS ( mostly rolls royces which blinded youngsters to what was going on, and they are given drugs in the song and seduced by these much older pervs, the song suggests it is london and there are several parallels here to this article, which cannot be coincidence.

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