Sep 14

Visible Origami: On the Cusp of the Moment in the Tightening Vise.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Today is Wednesday, the 15th of September and Monday coming, is the 20th of September. In the 5 days of approach to the 20th, we may likely see some surprising, terrible and transformative actions on the part of those who presume to be running the show. One certain motivation, is the certain recognition of the Palestinian state, according to borders not acceptable to the nation of Rothschildlandia, which was illegally created and situated in a place where it has no historical precedent for existence. The arguments for it are all based on false and fabricated history.

Another motivation is that those who presume to be running the show have messed things up beyond all recognition and need an escape valve to cover their tracks, as they seek to make their getaway or go into a fortress mentality, as they endeavor to wipe out significant portions of the populace. This latter is already in operation in many locations but hasn’t come to the kind of massive, genocidal outrages they have in mind for the dénouement.

If there were ever a time that one could make a safe prediction, concerning possible trends, this would be that period. If the world is not rattled and shaken on its foundations in the next few days, it can only be attributed to the hand of the cosmos as the factor of restraint in play.

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