Oct 31

Catholic Church Guilty of Baby Snatching in Australia: 150,000 babies stolen & sold in adoption

Uploaded by vaticancrimes on Oct 30, 2011

The sisters of mercy - who were responsible for torturing over 30,000 women in Ireland in Magdalene Laundries - are being exposed further, this time in Australia.
Over 150,000 women were drugged, and nuns either forced into giving up their babies for adoptions or the babies were stolen.
This same baby trafficking scheme and evil adoption scheme was put in place by the Sisters of Mercy and other Catholic Nun orders across the world, including Ireland, USA, Canada, Spain and more.

Sorry is NOT enough! The systematic baby trafficking scheme put in place by the Catholic Church worldwide as a means of generating astronomical profits is finally being exposed.

The Protect Your Children Foundation invites you to take a look at the organized crime schemes orchestrated by the Catholic Church:







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