Oct 10

Copts Clash With Egyptian Troops in Cairo

Coptic Christian protesters fought running battles with Egyptian security forces in Cairo on Sunday night, leaving as many as 24 dead and 200 injured.

According to Associated Press, several hundred Christians were protesting the demolition of a church. The portesters main demand was that the authorites rebuild it.

As the violence escalated the Egyptian military deployed troops and armoured vehilces to contain it.

The demonstrations began peacefully with a march on a state television station but degenerated into violence when marchers were pelted with stones by men in plainclothes.

Coptic Christians account for approximately 10% of Egypt’s population of 80 million.

In an effort to curb the escalating violence Egyptian Prime Minister Sharaf met last night with church leaders and military commanders.

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Bill Bard says:

See some of the videos on RT.   Busses being deliberately driven into crowds.

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