Oct 14

IMF official ducks egg attacks in Turkey

Mark Lewis, an IMF official in Turkey, successfully avoids an egg pelted at him during a university lecture in Turkey’s western province of Bursa on October 13, 2011.
Students have hurled eggs at International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Turkey Representative Mark Lewis during a university lecture in Turkey’s western province of Bursa.

On Thursday, the students chanted “IMF get out” as well as other slogans as they threw eggs at Lewis, who took cover behind the podium and dodged all the projectiles, showing quick reflexes, Reuters reported.

The IMF official was delivering a keynote speech to economics students at Uludag University.

Meanwhile another group of students unfurled anti-IMF banners.

At least one student was injured and taken to hospital for treatment, when clashes erupted as the university’s security officers were taking protesting students away.

Most of the country’s population opposes the IMF’s policies regarding Ankara.

For the last ten years, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has been struggling to unshackle Turkey from the IMF. The organization once started applying pressure on the country for being in arrears with USD 26 billion it had borrowed during a 2001 banking crisis.

Two years ago, during a wave of protests in Istanbul against the IMF’s dealings with Ankara, one demonstrator threw a shoe at the organization’s former chief, Dominique Strauss-Khan.


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  1. Skulz Fontaine

    Uludag U! Good on ‘em. The students might have considered tossing shoes, bags of fish guts, and bricks. Oh well, Slapnut the IMF guy, looks like a deer caught in the headlights. HAH!
    ♬Uludag dear Uludag
    tossing eggs
    you make me glad
    Uludag dear Uludag
    do it again and
    this time make it count.
    Peace and my deepest respect go to the brave and courageous students of dear Uludag University.
    Turkey, the “new” land of the free and home of the BRAVE!

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