Oct 06

Police State? Affirmative. Wake Up before you Wake Up in a Cell

By Owen Myles, Contributing Writer /Activist Post

Dear patsy hunters,

I am not a “lone operator”, nor am I a radical. I am neither a wolf, extremist, thug, or hippopotamus. Violence is your profession, not mine. Please reserve your analysis until you’ve either been partially educated, or have at least discovered a multi-page dictionary. You have the mind of a lion, and the heart of a heavily contested egg. Consult a mirror for the perfect patsy.

Apparently the police can dictate what you display in your own window — by cutting the glass and removing whatever it may be. And if that fails to discourage you from expressing yourself, then a SWAT team will help you.(1)

YouTube Preview Image

These people were protesting the murder of yet another unarmed civilian by police-thugs (Barry Deloatch). Despite the legitimate cause for the protest, the police — with their well-expressed appetite for violence — attended the event for the sake of beating the moribund horse of free-speech further toward a final breath.

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