Oct 08

So, what are you doing November 14th?

Disenfranchised Citizen

Gentlemen’s Quarterly…

How about a conversation with Ken? The man, the legend? Mr. Ken Feinberg?

He first came to you as the special master of the 9-11 Victim Compensation fund, and even though he experienced mixed reviews, he went on to wow you with his follow-up as special master for the TARP Executive Compensation Review. Yes-sir, we called him “Pay Czar” back in them days.

Well hold onto your hats, (as so many of you are aware) he’s back again as the special master, procrastinator and arbitrator of BP’s claims fund, you know, the man we affectionately call, “Less Than Neutral,” and he will be coming to Pepperdine University Law School where your host, Thomas J. Stipanowich is hoping you too will join in for a stimulating conversation with this, the most special of all masters, Mr. Feinberg.

Yes, the man who saved the Gulf Coast British Petroleum. Let’s celebrate him together, shall we? It’s free, don’t cost nothing!

Or…if you don’t feel so much like celebrating Mr. Feinberg, like maybe if you’re a Gulf Coast claimant who still hasn’t been paid, or if you’re still waiting for a response in regards to your claim, or maybe wondering when your interim payment will finally come through, or just what the heck are the details on that independent federal audit, or maybe, just maybe you’re wondering if Ken will do the right thing and modify his claims process to account for all the recent troubling environmental news, the poisoned killifish, the oil still washing up on the barrier islands, the lack of shrimp catch or any host of other assorted problems you might still be suffering from…you can be sure to ask him any question you like!

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