Oct 31

Success for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat COLD FUSION system

By David Hambling

Against all the odds, Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion power plant passed its biggest test yesterday, producing an average of 470 kilowatts for more than five hours. (A technical glitch prevented it from achieving a megawatt as originally planned). The demonstration was monitored closely by engineers from Rossi’s mysterious US customer, which was evidently satisfied and paid up.

The energy was output in the form of heat, measured by the quantity of water boiled off. The results are reported in NyTeknik and Pure Energy Systems News, who both had reporters present for the test. Associated Press also sent a correspondent who should be filing a story in the next few days (one suspects his editors might have some questions).

But this does not mean we can crack open the champagne and celebrate the end of fossil fuels quite yet. Skeptics have plenty of grounds to doubt whether the new test really takes us any further forwards….


Plenty of mysteries remain. But the game just got a lot more interesting.

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Shortcut url: http://RossiColdFusion.com (points to this page)

For the next few days, PES will be scanning the net to bring you the latest and most up-to-date information about the important October 28 test of the 1 megawatt E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) device, taking place in Italy. PESN’s founder, Sterling D. Allan, will be in attendance at the private event. Keep checking this page for the latest news and updates!
Key updates will be posted to our Twitter feed as well. http://twitter.com/#!/PESNetwork

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by Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Page commenced October 20, 2011
On October 28th of 2011, a very important, private test of Andrea Rossi’s one megawatt E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) will take place …

This upcoming test will not be conducted by Rossi, but will be managed by the expert consultants sent by his currently undisclosed customer, to validate the plant prior to purchasing it.

For reasons of practicality, safety, and to maintain the confidentiality of the customer’s identity, the number of individuals invited to attend this test will be kept to a minimum. Only a few media representatives will be present, one of whom will be Sterling Allan of PESN. No cameras or video taping will be allowed except by authorized persons. No live reporting will be allowed except by Rossi, who will be posting hourly updates on his blog. We will be posting updates along the way as well as our synopsis after the event.

Last January, Rossi held a press conference announcing the breakthrough technology by demonstrating a unit producing several kilowatts of heat. He said that in October of this year he would be launching the first commercial unit, which would be a 1 MW plant (also in the form of heat). He has stuck to and appears to be on track to meet that objective.

The one megawatt, nickel-hydrogen, cold fusion systems will be tested at the event. It is composed of 52 individual modules, each containing three reactor cores.

For the next few days, all public news and information about the test will be posted below. Please share and spread the link to this webpage, as we plan to be providing top notch coverage of this pivotal test of the E-Cat….



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