Oct 12

Wall Street domino effect hitting Britain

As the Arab Spring gradually reaches Britain, its domino effect will inevitably prevail in a Europe grappling with protests over government incompetence and deteriorating economies, a political analyst tells Press TV.

According to Ismail Salami, the popular urge for social reforms and poverty elimination will soon be mixed with other demands which have been, for all intents and purposes, ignored.

Reports say that ‘Occupy London’, a group inspired by the American uprising and mostly comprised of activists, will pitch tents in London’s financial district starting Oct. 15 in a symbolic move to protest the social inequalities, iniquities and injustice rife in the country.

The protesters are also planning occupations in Worcester, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Bristol.

Salami says that the “Wall Street protests which were initially blacked out by the mainstream media and the top US echelons” have had an impact on upcoming events in Europe.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests began on Wall Street, New York on September 17.

Protesters say they are demonstrating against high unemployment, home foreclosures, and 2008 corporate bailouts among other things, while mainly raising objection to ‘corporate greed.’

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