Nov 03

BeSimply…Half Past Human 2.11.11 with Clif High

Half Past Human

It was a few days before a M6.6 and X2 Class Solar Flare, ‘She’ reached out to have another conversation with Clif High. He describes their pontification as just another moment to do some BSing… ‘She’ might agree; however, ‘she’ ultimately wants to share Clif’s gifts and wealth of information to provide the world with another pair of lenses to look through from time to time.
Many of his on lookers (even those nefarious The Powers That Were (TPTB(W)) cannot help themselves and have to open each report with either speculation or with hesitation as they see its accuracy.  Now, certain entities might be hiding out on Mars…because their knees began to tremble with a fear pointing back to the solar activity.
As the conversation roles and the information flows like a geyser. ‘She’ encourages everyone to listen and asks the questions…”Will humanity re-organize? Will you humanity reclaim this planet for the greater good of all beings? Or will this movie end like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Just another tragedy?”
Only the vibrations and manifestations of our energy bodies will reveal the next chapter of the greatest show on earth. Until then, sit back with ‘She’ and Clif High and have another slice of pie and absorb his articulations about the meta data we all contributed to.

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