Nov 04

Government response to ongoing Fukushima radiation? Deafening silence

by Mark SircusFukushima

(NaturalNews) The silence of governments and the world press about the radiation dangers from Fukushima is alarming to say the least. We have an open nuclear sore on the planet, a radioactive boil that continues to burst casting a toxic shadow on the people of Japan and a few other billion people who happen to live in the northern hemisphere.

Video: Japanese communities record Chernobyl-level radiation

The municipality of Fukushima has created a plan to bring radiation exposure in all inhabited areas of the city to below a microsievert per hour within two years. Wishful thinking is allowed in Japan for it’s about the only thing that will stand up to the radiation that continues to pile up in the northern reaches of that country including Tokyo.

Concern is deepening that fallout from the Fukushima plant may have spread over a much wider area than previously thought. No matter how much the press and governments hide the dangers of radiation, fear is rising as the Geiger counters continue to click, demonstrating the levels of fallout that are striking on people’s skin and the crops in the fields.


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  1. Maxwell

    A fact that humanities complacency to Fukishima, not being dealt with, as Russia did with Chernobyl, complete containment, and elimination of as much surrounding radioactive isotopes, as at the time, humanly possible.Even still they are actively reducing, and eliminating radiation, in, and surrounding Chernobyl, .Even to go so far as to plant massive swaths of marijuana hemp, found to be beneficial in absorbing certain isotopes, from the soil, and atmosphere.What have they done in Japan, erected a tent. Do you have any idea how many Russian, Ukraine, Sibereian,s, and Chinese died , containing Chernobyl, so the rest of us, would not be contaminated. possible.Yet no so called leader, in the ENTIRE WORLD, SPEAKS ABOUT CONTAINMENT, AT FUKISHIMA NUCLEAR FACILITY!!!?????, DO YOU NOT SEE THE DISCONNECT GOING ON HERE, AND THE FACT HUMAN DON,T ASK WHY???, IS MOST TROUBLING.Peace Love Always…Maxwell

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