Nov 01

Occupy Wall Street TRUTH! (message to young protestors)

Uploaded by strengthcamp on Oct 10, 2011

The TRUTH About Occupy Wall Street Protests and Riots.

Don't be a sheep or a puppet... study what is really going on. It is all based on Economic Philosophy gone bad. WE are not each others enemies... the central banks, like The FED, and the government that serves THEM are to blame... not liberals or conservatives.

Important links:

Keynesian Economics: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/k/keynesianeconomics.asp

Austrian Economics: http://www.econlib.org/library/Enc/AustrianSchoolofEconomics.html

End The Fed: http://www.amazon.com/End-Fed-Ron-Paul/dp/0446549193

College Conspiracy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZtX32sKVE

How to earn money (without begging or stealing): http://dankennedy.com/


  1. Karen

    He is so right on! I would just like to add that we need to withdraw from this system though. You know…pay with cash, avoid buying anything that isn’t local, reduce your support of oil based products ie make some of your own (I do) take responsibility for your own health, etc etc. If everyone was doing what I am doing the old world order would be in the bin. Also I would like to recommend googling Roger Hayes and lawful banking. ; ) Way to go kid !

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