Nov 21

Pepper-spray cops placed on leave

Police used pepper-spray at the Davis campus of the University of California on November 18, 2011.
Two police officers who pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters at the University of California, Davis have been placed on administrative leave.

The offending officers, who went on leave on Sunday, have not been identified, The Associated Press reported.

“Videos taken during Friday’s arrests showed that the two officers used pepper spray on peacefully seated students,” the university announced in a news release.

On Friday, police officers violently confronted anti-corporatism protesters camping on the UC Davis campus, spraying the chemical irritant on students that were sitting on the ground and arresting 10 of them.

Many UC Davis alumni, staff, students, and faculty expressed outrage over the incident.

On Saturday, the Faculty Association of UC Davis issued a statement accusing University Chancellor Linda Katehi of “a gross failure of leadership” and calling for her resignation.

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