Dec 10

7 Deadly Myths Now Manipulating Your Mind

by Zen Gardner / BeforeItsNews

The “Big Lie” has many facets. Each is particularly devious and deceptive. We may think we “get” what’s going on but we may be making more daily assumptive conclusions than we think.

Here’s a quick cross section of the lying “methodology” being foisted upon us which I think we need to keep pounding on to keep the truth-ray machine squarely on the damned ephemeral “predator in the shrubs” crawling around our lives.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major factors of “the biggest lie ever sold”. And don’t miss the revelatory ending, it’s better than you think.

1. Overpopulation and Food and Resource Scarcity.

Now if these suppositions turn out not to be true we may have something of a scam on our hands, wouldn’t we? After all, even now they’re introducing rolling black outs to areas with plenty of power, just to remind people they may not always have it. Uh, prices will increase but that’s totally unrelated, isn’t it?

That’s how nuts the programming gets.

And overpopulation? First let’s make a serious effort to feed and care for those already here. But you have to understand, that is not part of the agenda. The ethnic “third world” (who numbered these worlds?) is being driven to economic slavery via big Agra projects annihilating local farming and real sustainability, not the false “sustainability” meaning the greener weiner or whatever. Countries converted to cash crops for export via globalist corporo-mega farms now have to import the simplest of foods they once grew. Besides, the cross pollination from Monsanto’s GMO fields has now given Monsanto ownership of whatever they have left.

Nice people. I’m sure feeding the world is their primary concern.

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