Dec 13

Hold off on the Emigration Plans Santa and Stop Reading the Irish Times!

By Reality Bytes – Sovereign Independent Contributor

As if Climategate 1 and 2 never happened, that Cartoon Comic Strip broadsheet, The Irish Times, has now taken on the business of frightening children into believing that Santa Claus will drown if he stays in the Arctic much longer because their mummies and daddies are causing global warming which will melt the Arctic circle and Santa will be left hungry and homeless along with his little elves and reindeer. They’re even stating that ‘Santa seeks New Headquarters’ in their pantomime piece. I wonder if they’ll encourage him to look in their property section.

After all, Ireland has been pretty cold over the past few winters and even the Irish Times admitted earlier in the year that Ireland had had its coldest summer for 50 years. And furthermore, it was due to the sun! Isn’t what most intelligent and thinking people have been pointing out since the sun shone on this planet?


Of course this drivel about Santa is in much the same tone as the bedtime story ad about drowning puppies etc. shown to children in cinemas a couple of years ago.

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