Dec 29

Lessons From Nature

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Uploaded by Snordelhans on 28 Dec 2011

The Heretic presents: A poem of Natural Dis-Order, of Natural Care:

Lessons From Nature

Sitting peacefully in warmth upon a bench,
From nature my lesson to learn arriving
A beetle crawling across the ground,
Towards my feet he made his way
Like a soldier in march, advancing forward
Taking my foot lightly kicking him to the side
Not wanting to kill, but removing from my space
Laying there motionless, terrified to move
Watching for a long time, as if paralyzed he lay
My thoughts determined— he was not dead
A sense of guilt overwhelming, what did I do?
Some how relating, seeing my life laying before me
How many times have I been kicked aside?
Leaving me full of fear and distrust, afraid to get up
Suddenly feeling a connection, to this living creature
Picking him up, no longer in fear of the unknown
On a nearby bush, upon a leaf I placed gently
With his trust restored, walking away quietly
Then it hit me; life is so much like this—
A need for some one to care enough to help
Lifting us back up, planting our feet firmly once more
Thoughts coming to me, if I had not cared
The next person passing by, could have stepped,
Ending his life as he lay afraid to go on
Even though my pushing him aside, I had not killed
But setting him up for his possible death
Realizing he is not but a bug,
But who am I to end his life—
Am I no better than he is, if I act like this?
Do we just kick others out of our way?
Who are we or what are we, to act with such neglect
Leaving them in their perils, selfishly not caring.

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