Dec 12

Pakistan’s Decision to Shoot Down America’s Drones: Prelude to an All Out US-Pak War?

by Michel Chossudovsky

Remember Pearl Harbor, remember the Gulf of Tonkin…

Throughout history, America has sought to provoke its enemies into ‘initiating a war”, with a view to justifying the launching an all out out war using the pretext of “self defense.”

America’s war on Pakistan is already de facto. It is a war of stealth. The “war on terrorism” directed against Al Qaeda, the illusive “outside enemy” created by the CIA is is an obvious smokescreen.

US military planners have examined all possible scenarios. Military escalation is on the drawing board of the Pentagon.

US counter-terrorism operations are carried out with a view to inciting the enemy as well as triggering a process of military escalation.

Is the objective of the drone attacks to provoke a response by the Pakistani military, thereby justifying a formal declaration of war by the US and its allies? Such a decision would have broad repercussions.

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