Jan 22

It’s Time to Wake Up

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

What does it mean to wake up?  What are the catalysts of an awakening?  Why do some people choose to remain asleep?  We all know people who can sleep through an alarm clock or will continuously hit the snooze button on it, so why do some people awaken quicker than others?

The awakening is occurring on an individual basis, but also reflects the global consciousness field and group collective.  In other words, as more and more people awaken, our reality shifts.  The hardest part of the game of life is to see through this illusion.  The game appears to be played on an individual level, and for the most part, it is, but many times, we fail to see how the game has been manipulated by the powers that be in order to control us through fear.

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The reality is that there is no separation between the individual and the group, which is very difficult for most people to comprehend, especially in a society that encourages ego and materialism, which feed upon one another.

The onion has many layers

In psychology, when someone says they hate something about someone else, it usually ends up being something that the particular person hates in himself or herself. For example, if you were to say, “That person is an asshole”, then there might be something about that person that you see in yourself.  This is how we deflect our own insecurities onto other people.

I have a sister who was placed in the care of Hospice, which means she didn’t have long to live.  My other sister told her husband that she’s flying out to be with my sister.  Her husband told her, “If you leave me, don’t expect me to be here when you come home.”  My initial reaction was, “Fuck him, he’s an asshole” but the onion has many layers.

On a personal side, I have been divorced twice to controlling women who have Type A personalities, similar to my mother. I wasn’t the perfect husband nor was I the perfect child and one of the things I needed to confront was this type of personality in women. It’s easy to do guy-to-guy as we practice this “skill” through trash talking in sports.  Occasionally we get into fights about things that are ridiculously inane because we buy into that macho image that is constantly portrayed by the main stream media.

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The Way of Waking Up

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What does it mean, to awaken? A short movie narrated by Alan Watts…

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